Branded Social Media Cause-Related Marketing Campaigns

With deep experience spanning cause marketing and technology, we use our expertise and a tech platform we built to help brands and organizations cause a chain reaction of good. Turn your ideas into a meaningful campaign that impacts the masses.

How it works

  1. Participants see a social media post with a call to join a movement
  2. Your fully branded campaign opens seamlessly in the mobile browser
  3. Participants add their photo to unlock a donation or impact to a cause of your choice
  4. They edit or accept a prewritten caption and choose where to post their support
  5. The campaign quickly reaches new participants and becomes a movement

    When your customers join in sharing, your reach grows exponentially


    See and own all consumer generated content


    Capture participant emails for remarketing


    Fully track and measure campaign impact

These select campaign results are worth celebrating. It’s simple: no one else provides what we do.

  • 8

    our customers’ messages have spread from 1st post to 8 people removed in 48 hours.

  • 1,200

    one participant post can reach as many as 1,200 people.

  • 49%

    conversion rate – when it comes from a friend and not your brand, more people respond.

  • 75%

    the majority of participants provide their email address.

Causes are deeply personal. When people show their support for a cause, they do it by putting themselves at the center.

The photos below are a small sliver of the images people use to elicit support for the causes that matter most to them. These are the faces of the kinds of people who care about something far greater than themselves.